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To open an account with us, click on register and put your details. We will send you an activation email and once you activate the account, you can then start saving on money transfers and bill payments abroad

You can transact upto £500 without verification, any amount above this you will need to be verified by us. For verification we need your proof of identification with a photo on it and two forms of proof of address. These can be bank statement, council tax bill, water bills, telephone bill e.t.c

Log In your account and under personal details edit the new changes. For name changes this has to be done through the admin team. Send us a message and we will tell you the documents you need to provide us for us to effect the change. Other changes can be done without the support of the admin team.

The speed with which a transaction takes place depends on the chosen service. For mobile airtime top ups, once the transaction has been checked and verified, it is instant. This is the case also with bill payment.

We have a range of payment options which our customers can use. Each option has a fee so please check the fee first. Our popular method is by debit card, credit card transactions attract a fee. You can also transfer into our bank account which has a lower fee.

To pay a bill, choose the country where you want to pay the bill and the beneficiary. If it's the first time you are paying the bill, add the beneficiary details and choose the Bank Transfer/Bill Payment option. Scroll down and find the bill you need to pay and click on it. Then go to account number and put the details. Ignore the other fields. Then in the Amount Field, put the amount of the bill in ££. If you want to see how much the bill is in Pounds, please go to fee calculator.