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Mobile Phone Top Ups

Send airtime to friends and family back home with our mobile top up service which is an instant service once payment has be completed. Confirmation of recharge is sent by email.

Follow these simple steps to top-up a mobile

  1. Enter the mobile number of your recipient
  2. Select an amount to top-up
  3. Pay online

Paying bills with Cashsend

Our bill payment platform enables remitters to pay the bill for friends and relatives back home instead of sending the money for the bill. This saves time and is convenient for the beneficiary as they can sit and relax knowing that their bills are paid for. It also ensures that the bill is paid and the remitter can rest assured that the money has not been misused.

Senders can make DStv payments for their family and friends to selected countries. Countries covered includes Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe. For DStv bill payments choose Bill payments and go to DStv. Put the account number in the account section and on the banch put the DStv package. There are six DStv packages to choose from. Any package paid for will reflect on the account of the beneficiary within a few minutes and they will be able to use the services almost immediately.

Country Premium Compact Plus Compact Family Lite Access
Ghana GHS<>£58 GHS195<>£33 GHS125<>£23 GHS65<>£13 N/A GHS35<>£10
Kenya KES7900<>£58 KES5200<>£39 KES3200<>£25 KES1900<>£18 N/A KES950<>£9
Rwanda USD82<>£63 USD53<>£43 USD29<>£23 USD19<>£18 N/A USD12<>£13
Ivory Coast CFA59000<>£83 CFA35000<>£50 CFA21000<>£33 CFA14000<>£23 N/A CFA9000<>£15
Namibia NAD809<>£53 NAD509<>£33 NAD385<>£25 NAD249<>£18 N/A NAD120<>£10
Nigeria NGN14700<>£33 NGN9900<>£23 NGN6300<>£18 NGN3800<>£13 N/A NGN1900<>£9
Tanzania TZS169000<>£58 TS109000<>£38 TZS69000<>£25 TZS39000<>£18 N/A TZS19000<>£9
Uganda UG280000<>£58 UG180000<>£38 UG115000<>£25 UG60000<>£18 N/A UG33000<>£10
Zambia ZMW790<>£63 ZMW450<>£38 ZMW300<>£25 ZMW200<>£18 N/A ZMW100<>£10
Zimbabwe USD65<>£48 USD40<>£33 USD25<>£20 USD17<>£15 US7-£10 USD11<>£11

Pay DStv Subscription

With Cashsend, you can now pay Kwese Tv Subscriptions for family and friends back home. Select the package you want by putting the amount in ££ corresponding to the package. Transaction will be confirmed by email.

Country 30 Days 7Days 3 Days
Ghana GHS110<>£20 GHS35<>£9 GHS15<>£6
Kenya KES2,960<>£23 KES890<>£9 KES475<>£6
Malawi MKW21,050<>£23 MKW6,320<>£9 MKW3,370<>£6
Namibia NAD390<>£25 NAD120<>£10 NAD60<>£6
Nigeria NGN6,275<>£18 NGN1,850<>£9 NGN990<>£6
Rwanda RWF20,380<>£23 RWF6,115<>£9 RWF3,300<>£6
Tanzania TZS64,500<>£23 TZS19,365<>£9 TZS10,330<>£6
Uganda UGX106,000<>£23 UGX32,000<>£9 UGX17,000<>£6
Zambia ZMW250<>£23 ZMW75<>£9 ZMW40<>£6
Zimbabwe USD29<>£23 USD9<>£8 USD5<>£4

Pay Kwese Tv Subscription

Pay for your family and friends GOtv subscriptions with Cashsend. Choose a package to top up and then go to Send Money and select BankTransfer/Bill Payment and select GOtv. On the payment amount put the equivalent amount in ££ as below. The payment will be confirmed by email

Country GOtv Max GOtv Plus GOtv Value GOtv Lite
Ghana GHS60<>£13 GHS35<>£9 GHS18<>£7 GHS9<>£6
Kenya KES1299<>£13 KES749<>£9 KES499<>£7 KES260<>£6
Malawi N/A MWK7950<>£9 MWK4250<>£7 MWK1600<>£6
Mozambique MT800<>£13 MT470<>£9 MT370<>£7 MT130<>£6
Namibia NAD190<>£13 NAD120<>£9 NAD80<>£7 NAD30<>£6
Nigeria NGN3800<>£13 NGN1900<>£9 NGN1250<>£7 NGN400<>£6
Rwanda N/A      
Uganda UGX49000<>£13 UGX36000<>£9 UGX16000<>£7 UGX9500<>£6
Zambia ZMK140<>£13 ZMK95<>£9 ZMK35<>£7 ZMK20<>£6

Pay GOtv Subscription

Bills by Countries

Kwese Tv   ¦   Electricity Company Ghana   ¦   GBC Tv Licence   ¦   Accra Metropolitan Assembly   ¦   DStv   ¦  

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To check the equivalent amount you need to send in GBP, go to the fee calculator and put the amount to be received in Jamaica for the bill, the calculator will show you the amount you need to send in GBP. To make payment of the bill go to send money and select Jamaica on the drop down list of countries. Select Bank Transfer/Bill Payment option and then select the bill on the list of banks and bills, enter the account number on the bottom and then put the amount.

Active Gear   ¦   Advantage general Insurance   ¦   ANKHS(Anngel)   ¦   Appliance Traders Limited   ¦   Ardenne High School-Computer   ¦   AStoreThatPays.com   ¦   Atlas security   ¦   British Caribbean Insurance Company   ¦   Camperdown High School   ¦   Celebration brands Ltd   ¦   Combined Communication   ¦   Courts Jamaica Ltd   ¦   CUNA   ¦   Dekal Wireless   ¦   Digicel   ¦   Doctors and Nurse Anywhere   ¦   Elevated Talk Ltd   ¦   Excelsior Community College   ¦   First Union Financial   ¦   Flow   ¦   Flow(LIME legacy)   ¦   Framework Consulting   ¦   Genesis Premium Financing   ¦   GO GSAT   ¦   Guardian Life Limited   ¦   Guardsman Communication Ltd   ¦   Hawkeye Security   ¦   Highway 2000   ¦   Internet Mobile Technologies   ¦   ISP Finance Services Ltd   ¦   Jacar Homes Company   ¦   Jamaica Environment Trust   ¦   Jamaica Freight & Shipping   ¦   Jamaica Health Security Network Ltd   ¦   Jamaica Music Society   ¦   Jamaica Public Service   ¦   JamDeal   ¦   JCAP   ¦   Johnson Benjamin Associates Ltd   ¦   King Alarm System   ¦   Long Mountain Country Club   ¦   Makka Trust Holdings Ltd   ¦   Math Chamber Limited   ¦   Meadowbrook High   ¦   Meadow High School   ¦   Medical Association of Jamaica   ¦   Moneague College   ¦   Mundo Finance Ltd   ¦   National Dev Foundation of Jamaica   ¦   National Water Commission   ¦   Northern Carribean University   ¦   Nuttall Memorial Hospital   ¦   Omni Cable Services   ¦   Payoneer Paylinx Ltd   ¦   Preston Child Care Services   ¦   Reggae Embassy   ¦   Regions Financial Services   ¦   Sagicor Life Jamaica   ¦   Seawind on the Bay Shankara Jamaica Ltd   ¦   Singer Jamaica Ltd ` St Andrew High School Foundation ` Student Loan Bureau   ¦   Telstar Cable Service   ¦   Think web Ltd   ¦   Trust Fund Financial   ¦   Turtle Tower PSP#7   ¦   University Hospital of the West Indies ` UTECH   ¦  

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Telkom   ¦   Postpaid   ¦   GOtv   ¦   DStv   ¦   Zuku   ¦   Airtel   ¦  

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To check the equivalent amount you need to send in GBP, go to the fee calculator and put the amount to be received in Phillipines for the bill, the calculator will show you the amount you need to send in GBP. To make payment of the bill go to send money and select Phillipines on the drop down list of countries. Select Bank Transfer/Bill Payment option and then select the bill on the list of banks and bills, enter the account number on the bottom and then put the amount.

Electric Bills

Meralco   ¦   Meralco Kuryente Load   ¦   Albay Power and Energy   ¦   Balamba Enerzone Corp   ¦   Batangas II Electric   ¦   Benguet Electric Coop   ¦   Cotabato Light and Power Co   ¦   Davao Light   ¦   IIocos Norte Electric Coop   ¦   Mactan Enerzone IIoilo I Electric Coop Inc   ¦   Leyte II Electric Coop Inc   ¦   Pampanga II Electric Coop Inc   ¦   Subic Enerzone Corp   ¦   Visayas Electric Company   ¦  

Water Bills

Agoncillo Batangas Water district   ¦   Bp Water works   ¦   Basic Enterprise   ¦   Cabanatuan Norte water district   ¦   Camiling Tarlac Water District   ¦   Daraga Water   ¦   E-Prime business Solutions Inc   ¦   First Peak-Cagayan   ¦   First Peak-Cebu   ¦   First Peak-Davao   ¦   First Peak-IIoilo   ¦   Floridablanca Water District   ¦   Good Hands Water District   ¦   Happy Well   ¦   Laguna Water   ¦   Lemery Water District   ¦   Lingayen Water District   ¦   Manila Water Company   ¦   Maynilad Water Services Inc   ¦   Metro Ozamiz Water District   ¦   Metro San Fernando La Union   ¦   Water District   ¦   Meycauayan Water District   ¦   Paniqui Tarlac Water District   ¦   Prime Water NCR North and South   ¦   Rosatio Water district ` San Carlos Pangasinan Water District   ¦   San Fernando Pampanga Water   ¦   San Jose Del Monte Water District   ¦   San Pedro Laguna Water District   ¦   Silang Water District   ¦   Tarlac City Water District   ¦  

Telephone/ Cable Tv / Mobile

Bayantel   ¦   ABS-CBN Mobile   ¦   Digitel   ¦   Innove Product   ¦   PLDT(Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company)   ¦   Smart/Sun Cellular   ¦   Asian Vision Cable Holdings Inc   ¦   Cable Link   ¦   Cignal Mediascape   ¦   Leisure World Cable   ¦   MET Cable   ¦   Northstar Cable   ¦   Planet Cable   ¦   Plus Cable   ¦   Royal Cablevision Corporation   ¦   Sky Cable   ¦   Verdant Cable   ¦  

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Zesa Prepaid   ¦   DStv   ¦   City of Harare   ¦   City of Bulawayo   ¦   Kwese   ¦  

Zesa- Top up electricity and get a voucher for your recipient to use. The voucher will go to the recipient phone in Zimbabwe. Choose Send Money and then bank Transfer/Bill payment option and account number at the bottom.

Dstv- Top up Dstv subscriptions for loved ones back home. There are different packages to choose from which can be viewed in the DStv Subscription section. Go to Send money and then Bank Transfer/Bill Payment option and select Dstv. Put the account number at the bottom, the Dstv account will be credited with the amount chosen.

City of Harare/Bulawayo- You can now pay for City of Harare and Bulawayo rates. Click Send Money and select Bank Transfer/Bill Payment option and choose City of Harare or Bulawayo. Put account number at the bottom of the page and the funds will be credited in the beneficiary account.

Kwese Tv- Its now possible to top up Kwese Tv subscriptions for your loved ones back home. Follow the above steps and select Kwese. View the different subscription packages on the services page to put the right amount before submitting the transaction for review.

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